World Federation of Trade Unions

The World Federation of Trade Unions, representing 105 million workers who live, work and struggle in 130 countries of the 5 continents, expresses its sincere condolences to the families, relatives, friends and colleagues of the people who have been killed after a hydroelectric dam collapsed, and its water poured through a valley in the state of Uttarakhand, in northern part of India. According to the information, the dam broke when a Himalayan glacier broke apart and crashed into it.  At least 9 people were found dead, and around 150 are missing. Our thoughts are with the affected people. We call upon the government and the competent authorities to continue the rescue operations and provide secure accommodation and all the essentials to the population of the area.  We also demand full compensation and investigation of possible responsibilities. The Secretariat

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WFTU condolences message on the dam collapse in Uttarakhand, India