PAME Greece

PHOTOS Dear comrades, warm greetings, from the class movement of artists of Greece and PAME. We thank and congratulate WFTU for this important, timely and necessary initiative to meet the militant artists of the world. We salute and send our solidarity to the fighting artistsof the world who sing, paint and fight against imperialism. And all of you who today from every corner of the earth, miles away, but next to each other, are together in the common struggle against injustice and exploitation. We are artists-trade unionists of Greece who rally with PAME. Actors, singers, musicians, art technicians and me personally president of the National Union of Musicians of Greece, a union that was born 100 years ago. It is a special moment for us to get in touch with our colleagues from so many countries and to share with you the experience, the struggles and the proposals of…

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Intervention of PAME- National Union of Musicians of Greece in the Meeting of WFTU with Workers in Culture