Communist Party USA

  The following “Principles for an Emergency Relief Unity Program” has been issued by the CPUSA. The pandemic and the crisis millions are facing have revealed that the status quo is not sustainable. Bold, transformative action is urgently required to meet the emergency needs of working-class people, especially essential frontline workers and those suddenly unemployed — disproportionately low-wage, Black, Latinx, Native, Asian Pacific, and women who have been hit the hardest. We join with the diverse grassroots movements across this country to demand dignity and economic relief. No one should be wanting for food, water, shelter, energy, or healthcare in our country with all its wealth. No one should have to live in fear of eviction or of police violence or of ICE. The immediate demand is passage of the full $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package. Attempts by corporate and white supremacist forces to obstruct funding must be blocked in…

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Principles for an emergency relief unity program