Communist Party of Israel

A teenager was killed in a shooting Tuesday night, March 9, in the town of Jaljulia in central Israel, becoming the 23rd Arab in Israel and occupied East Jerusalem to die in violent circumstances since the start of this year. Another boy was also seriously wounded in the incident. According to Al-Ittihad, the two were sitting outside their homes when assailants opened fire on them. Muhammad Abdelrazek Ades, 14, was brought to the Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba with no vital signs and was pronounced dead, a hospital spokesperson said in a statement. The other victim, Mustafa Osama Hamed, 12, arrived at hospital with multiple gunshot wounds, was in “very serious condition,” and had undergone surgery, according to the hospital. Latest victim of criminal violence and government and police neglect in fighting the deadly phenomenon in Israel’s Arab communities: 14 year-old Muhammad Abdelrazek Ades, a gifted student, was shot to…

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Teen Killed, Child Seriously Injured in Gangland Shooting in Jaljulia