World Federation of Trade Unions

The WFTU Secretariat has been informed by the TUI of Pensioners and Retirees of its current campaign of spreading and extension of its demands. As leadership of the WFTU we congratulate the TUI P&R and we consider that the struggle that the P&R are leading is a very important battle. In this battle, the solidarity of all of us is needed because the struggle of pensioners and active workers is a common class struggle. It is worth supporting this initiative of the WFTU TUI P&R, which is the only militant international organization that consistently fights for all social security issues, for all problems related to pensions and projects all the rights of pensioners for a long and dignified life. For this reason we invite the affiliates and friends of the WFTU, we call all the unions in every corner of the planet to strengthen this initiative with their participation, signing…

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The WFTU Secretariat on the TUI Pensioners and Retirees campaign