Communist Party USA

  In his statement on the 23rd of April, in support of the passage of the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act passed by the Senate, President Joe Biden decried the rise of anti-Asian bigotry and hate crimes. He decried the fact that many have been killed, and many more have suffered from the lack of safety that this crisis has created. What he did not decry, however, is that this crisis is a direct result of years of U.S. foreign imperialism. As of writing, over 190,000 innocent people in India have lost their lives to this terrible virus. Over 2,000 innocent fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters are dying each day as Narendra Modi’s hypernationalist regime fails to offer any semblance of support to its people. But, there is hope: vaccines have been proven effective against the COVID-19 virus, and the entire weight of the capitalist mass-production machine is being put behind…

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