World Federation of Trade Unions

CITU expresses severe shock and deep indignation at the despicable warlike crime committed by Israeli Government by bombarding residential buildings and killing Palestinian people in their (Israel) illegal and inhuman pursuit to capture East Jerusalem with military force. On 8th May, the last Friday of Ramzan, when Palestinian people were offering mass prayer at the Al-Aqsa mosque in East Jerusalem, which is the third holiest shrine for Muslims, Israeli forces attacked the mass gathering and fatally injured around 300 Palestinians. This ghastly attack was the cruel continuation of forcible eviction of Palestinian residents from the neighbourhoods of East Jerusalem, Sheikh Jarrah and Siwan. Further escalating the barbarian attack, on 11th May the Israeli military resorted to air strikes targeting number of high-rise apartment towers and killed 53 Palestine citizens including 14 children and 2 women and hundreds of people suffered injuries in the southern city of Ashkelon. This attack followed…

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CITU Strongly Condemns Israeli Aggression on Palestine