Communist Party of Britain

More than 150 representatives of Communist and workers’ parties have been taking part today in a World Symposium organised online by the Communist Party of China (CPC).   The meeting began with a message of greetings from Chinese President and CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping. He told the international guests that ‘Marxism sheds light in a scientific way on the laws governing the development of human society, showing the way forward to emancipation and stimulating the advance of civilisation’.In its centenary year, he reaffirmed the CPC’s commitment to the ‘tenets of Marxism applied to Chinese realities’. Marxism is full of vigour in China and was the cause of the country’s ‘great rejuvenation’, he declared.He urged the parties of Marxism to strengthen the dialogue between them in order to meet the challenges of the modern world together. ‘The CPC stands ready to assist all who wish to build the world of our shared…

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Communist parties meet in ‘World Symposium’.