Communist Party of Israel

The family of Moussa Hassouna, 32, a Palestinian-Arab resident of Lod (al-Lidd) in central Israel, who was shot by a Jewish gunman during clashes between Arabs and Jews around three weeks ago, led a demonstration of scores outside the district court in the city on Friday, May 28, claiming that the investigation into the killing is being excessively and unjustifiably drawn out. An additional rally was held there yet again on Saturday evening to emphasize the feeling among the Arab community that prosecution of the suspect is purposely being delayed. MK Ayman Odeh (second from left) during the protest held in Lod last Friday, May 28, 2021. The headline on the white placard reads: “Murder is murder.” (Photo: Zo Haderech) The weekend protests came amidst concerns about the possibility of renewed internecine clashes in the mixed Arab-Jewish city, after firebombs were thrown at a Jewish home on Thursday night, May 27. There were…

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Family of Arab Citizen Murdered in Unrest in Lod Demands Justice