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  Lately, there’s been much discussion among youth about Harry Haywood’s contribution to the Black Belt thesis along with a revival of New Left conceptions of “domestic colony” theories. A lack of clarity and understanding of the CPUSA’s  current and historical positions leads to confusion and may divert potential comrades from joining. It is important therefore that we be clear and open about how to approach the national question for Black Americans and have a full and deep understanding of our Party’s leading role in the struggle against racism in the United States (and internationally). Common misconceptions about what’s called  the “African American question” are discussed below. To first quote Lenin, Marxism cannot be reconciled with nationalism, be it even of the ‘most just,’ ‘purest,’ most refined and civilized brand. In place of all forms of nationalism, Marxism advances internationalism, the amalgamation of all nations in the higher unity, a…

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Five misconceptions about the CP’s stance on Black liberation