World Federation of Trade Unions

ICATU condemns the brutal attack on the Syrian citizens in Lebanon and the prevention of them going to the Syrian embassy in Beirut to vote in the presidential elections, and to exercise their constitutional and democratic right and their freedom to choose what represents them. ICATU condemns the fascist criminal attacks carried out by mob groups born of intolerance and racism. Filled with hatred. Which does not express the truth and will of the Lebanese people, its originality, affiliation, and loyalty to Syria, which made tremendous sacrifices and hundreds of martyrs in confronting the plots of division, settlement and normalization, and in defense of the unity, sovereignty and independence of Lebanon.  Affirms that these barbaric attacks will not discourage the Syrian voters residing in Lebanon from flocking in unrivaled intensity to the headquarters of their embassy and exercising their democratic right and casting their votes in the presidential elections, and…

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ICATU: Condemns the attack on the Syrian voters in Lebanon and considers it an encroachment on democracy, public freedoms and the right of expression