Communist Party of Israel

The High Follow up Committee for Arabs Citizens of Israel, an umbrella organization that is regarded as the national representative of the community, called on Wednesday, May 26, for an end to the government’s detention campaign aimed at politically intimidating and silencing the state’s Arab-Palestinian minority. The committee also demanded the annulment of all indictments issued against activists who were arrested during the past weeks while taking part in legitimate political actions, Al‑Ittihad and Zo Haderech have reported. Israel’s highly militarized police stand ready to confront protesters in the streets of Arab Jaffa, May 21, 2021. (Photo: Activestills) The High Follow-Up Committee held a press conference Tuesday morning, May 25, in Haifa to address the wave of detentions that coincided with Israel’s latest military operation against Gaza and the repression of Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem. According to the committee, 80-90% of the arrests during the past few weeks were for offenses…

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Israel’s Arab Citizens Decry Mass Arrests Aimed at Silencing Them