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  Joe Sims, CPUSA co-chair, gave the following presentation at the “Contemporary Marxism: Development and Innovation in Theory and Practice” conference in Beijing hosted by the CPC’s International Department. Dear comrades, At its very heart, Marxism is a science of what is new and becoming. This conference, “Contemporary Marxism: Development and Innovation in Theory and Practice,” therefore, could not be more timely and important. Change today occurs with ever-blinding speed, oftentimes outpacing humanity’s ability to consider its impact and consequences. Capitalism is constantly revolutionizing the process of production — adding, subtracting, destroying, and innovating — while bringing into being new processes in its drive for maximum profits. Artificial intelligence and big data, the internet, and social networks are taking these developments to new heights. Keeping pace with these developments, anticipating their impact on the working-class and people’s movement, is a mandatory requirement for the communist and workers’ parties. The 21st…

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Marxism and the problem of keeping pace with what’s new