Young Communist League Canada

Central Executive Committee, 1 May 2021 This International Workers’ Day, the Young Communist League of Canada – Ligue de la jeunesse communiste du Canada sends warm greetings to youth, students, and young workers across Canada.  Over the past year, the crisis of capitalism has become even deeper than ever before. Conditions for workers, especially young workers, who increasingly find themselves on the frontlines of health, food, and other essential services, have deteriorated. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, youth unemployment has skyrocketed, and the safety of warehouses, hospitals, restaurants, retail stores, and other young peoples’ workplaces has been put in jeopardy by the capitalist class. Across Canada, the COVID-19 response has been overwhelmingly business-oriented: workers are bearing the brunt of the virus, and their demands for paid sick days, expanded healthcare, and safer working conditions have been neglected. The attacks of the past year against the working class has…

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