South African Communist Party

12 May 2021 The South African Communist Party (SACP) strongly condemns Israel on its attack on Palestinians and its US-backed colonisation of Jerusalem, and calls upon the United Nations to exert extensive pressure on the Israeli regime to abandon its apartheid policy on Palestine. Apartheid, declared a crime against humanity by the United Nations, was bad for South Africa, and it is also bad for Palestine – though the measures being undertaken by Israeli regime appear to be even worse than those that were imposed in South Africa. The SACP stands in unconditional solidarity with the people of Palestine in their resilient fight against the Israeli apartheid regime. We support all efforts across the world aimed at the strengthening of international solidarity, as well as democratic and peaceful activities in support of the oppressed Palestinian people. In continuation of its apartheid policy on Palestine, the Israeli regime continues with its…

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SACP condemns apartheid Israel on its attack on Palestinians