PAME Greece

A strong anti-imperialist message that “the only hope is the struggle of the peoples” was sent by thousands of workers, unions, associations, with a strong youth presence, who, responding to the call of the EEDYE-Greek Committee for Peace- demonstrated in front of Israeli and American embassies. The class unions gave a strong message of solidarity with the people of Palestine with massive participation in the demonstration. Banners, placards and slogans condemning the US-NATO-EU support to the slaughter by the Israeli government sent a message of solidarity to the Palestinian people, calling for an end to the Greek government’s escalation of relations with Israel. “No participation in the plans of the murderers of the peoples of the USA – NATO – EU” that close their eyes on the Israeli aggression shouted the demonstrators. More demonstrations and actions are planned all over Greece. VIDEO PHOTOS The post Solidarity with the Palestinian people!…

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Solidarity with the Palestinian people! Thousands protest at embassies of Israel and USA in Athens