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The Ukrainian party continues to sabotage all our attempts to establish productive activities on the political and security fronts, DPR Plenipotentiary and Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova commented on the results of the Contact Group meeting. “Instead of a dialogue on the most important priority agenda issue  (agreeing on clear modalities for the work of the coordination mechanism for verification and prevention of violations with the participation of the JCCC in the current composition) the Ukrainian negotiators embarked on another speculation. This time within the framework of the topic of repair and restoration work, traditionally blaming the Republic. In this regard, it was necessary to remind Kiev again that the provision of additional security guarantees, including for carrying out repair and restoration work, would not have been necessary at all if the AFU had consistently and conscientiously observed the ceasefire and measures to strengthen it. However, the Ukrainian leadership does not…

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The Ukrainian party refuses any dialogue with the Republics – Natalia Nikonorova