Communist Party USA

  As expected, the legal and moral legs of the United States and its symbiotic ally Israel were pulled out from under them by the overwhelming vote of earthly humanity. On June 23 the United Nations General Assembly condemned the U.S. blockade of Cuba by a score of 184 to 2. That is, 96% of humanity told the U.S. to take its knee off the neck of the 11.3 million Cuban people. The political coordinator of the U.S. mission to the UN, Rodney Hunter, defended U.S. policy as “a legitimate way to achieve” advancing democracy, human rights, and U.S. national security objectives. If not for the tragedy that the U.S. is trying to snuff the breath out of the Cuban people, Hunter’s comments would be laughable. To the 99% of the people of its North American neighbor, Cuba represents absolutely no security threat. To the contrary, the Cuban government’s example…

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