World Federation of Trade Unions

The World Federation of Trade Unions, the militant voice of 105 million workers from 133 countries of the 5 continents, mourns the tragic loss of 5 construction workers in Antwerp last week, during the construction of a school building. Despite the continuing deadly accidents the bourgeois and the European governments refuse to ensure the health and safety in the workplaces as they consider the protective measures as unnecessary expenditures, and treat the workers as expendables productive force. The WFTU condemns the crime that consciously and continually occurs against the working class in all the countries of the world. We join our voice the class-oriented trade unions of Europe and we call upon the workers and the popular strata to intensify their struggle for safe and dignified working conditions for all. The Secretariat

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WFTU solidarity statement on the new fatal occupational accident in Antwerp, Belgium