Young Communist League Canada

YCL-LJC Central Executive Committee, June 2021 Forty years after the historic bathhouse raids, we call for increased struggle for the equal rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and two-spirit people in Canada! Though the COVID-19 pandemic has cancelled many in-person Pride events across Canada, the fight for LGBTQ2S+ rights is as essential as ever. We look back at the militant roots of Pride and recall our own history within Canada. Following years of repression by police and the RCMP, the catalyst for Canada’s own gay liberation movement were the Toronto bathhouse raids, which at the time saw the largest mass-arrest of people since the October Crisis. These raids, which took place 40 years ago, were not at all unique, with Canadian gay and transgender organizations or establishments seeing repeated raids in the years prior. However, even under the most oppressive of conditions, LGBTQ2S+ people in Canada and around the…

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YCL-LJC calls for increased struggle for the rights of LGBTQ2S+ people now!