Communist Party USA

  Republican politicians and media personalities despise people who are conscious of systemic oppression and exploitation. They dismiss and mock such people as “woke” and are threatening to use whatever state power is available to punish them. Three recent liberal responses to this steady drumbeat toward fascism could be collectively titled, “How to Sit on a Fence: Parts 1–3.” Since 2019 Republican Party personalities have become emotionally invested in denouncing the publication of the New York Times’s 1619 Project. Their anger and obsession with that attempt to explore new ways of understanding the odious history of white enslavement of Africans as a central pillar of capitalistic development is only part of the story. These same people were deeply shaken by demands from Black people during the first wave of #BlackLivesMatter protests in 2014 (and even more profoundly after last year) demanding a reckoning with systemic racism in public safety and ending…

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Fear, white supremacy, and wokeness: Ruling-class ideology in crisis