World Federation of Trade Unions

FISE, an affiliated member of WFTU, expresses its solidarity with the people of Cuba and condemns the organised effort of the imperialists during the last days who have been trying to provoke political instability in Cuba. The USA, together with the mafia and other anti-revolutionary forces inside Cuba take advantage of the difficulties created by the 60-year suffocating embargo in imported goods, medical supplies, as well as ongoing power cuts, organising protests and calling to overthrow the government. Cuba has been struggling all these years against the consequences of the murderous embargo that, even during pandemic, prevents the import of a range of medical supplies and essential goods. The escalation of the difficulties faced by the Cuban people is a consequence of the escalation of the embargo measures by President Trump, which is maintained and continues by Biden. The USA, UE and their supporters, who are intensifying the repression, the…

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