Communist Party USA

  The following is a joint statement by the CPUSA International Department and communist and workers’ parties from around the world, published on SolidNet. The Communist and Workers’ Parties of the world wish to say in a loud and clear voice that we condemn the aggressive anti-communist rhetoric coming out of the latest meeting of NATO leadership. The U.S., the de facto leader of the NATO alliance, has made it clear that its interests lie in igniting a “new Cold War” centered around anti-Chinese and anti-communist propaganda. This is a threat to all workers around the world. Since the infamous “Pivot to Asia” under President Barack Obama, it has been clear that the U.S. capitalist elite has seen the rising successes and power of the People’s Republic of China as a threat to its unipolar, neoliberal world order. During the administration of Donald Trump, the U.S. government became increasingly aggressive in…

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NATO’s new cold war is dangerous to all