World Federation of Trade Unions

With today’s judgment of the Court of Piacenza also the last group of workers enrolled to USB, 15 of the 33 that had been dismissed from the warehouse of Piacenza of GLS because they demanded safety on the job, have been reintegrated. They were those to whom the norms defined as “a tutele crescenti” were applied, that is to say, the Jobs Act that has made paper towels out of article 18 of the Workers’ Statute in defense against pretextual dismissals. The ruling, in recognizing the principle of the right to strike already enshrined in previous pronouncements of the judges, however, intervenes on some legal aspects that deal a blow to the sick system of contracts and the discriminatory and penalizing Jobs Act. This positive result is the result of a tenacious struggle that the workers and USB have stubbornly pursued by occupying for weeks the roof of the GLS warehouse in Piacenza, as well as the courtrooms. With USB, the ransom of the bosses’ dismissals has not and will not have an easy life. USB

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Total victory of the workers and of USB on the GLS: reintegrated the last 15 dismissed in the warehouse of Piacenza. A double blow to the contracts and the Jobs Act