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9 March 2022 The South African Communist Party (SACP) in Limpopo Province held its 8th Provincial Congress on 6-8 March 2022 at Tivumbeni MPC in Tzaneen under the theme PUT PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT! SOCIALISM IS THE FUTURE – BUILT IT NOW. The 268 delegates that attended represented the entire membership of the SACP in the province coming from branches, districts and the Young Communist League of South Africa (YCLSA). The Congress discussed several issues affecting the Party and the people of Limpopo. The Congress also elected the Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) as follows: Provincial Secretary: Comrade Chuene Malebana. Provincial Chairperson: Comrade Goodman Mitileni. Provincial Treasurer: Comrade Mavhungu Lerule-Ramakhanya. First Deputy Provincial Secretary: Comrade Skinjar Rudzani Ramugumo. Second Deputy Provincial Secretary: Comrade Percy Ndlala. Deputy Provincial Chairperson: Comrade Phophi Ramathuba. Members of the PEC: Comrade Danger Matumane, Rudolph Phala, Jeannette Mashego, Davis Matji, Priscilla Moswane, Elliot Molala, Sello Molekwa, Angie Sebola, Thixedzwi Maphiswana, Merriam Ramadwa, Ndivhuwo Phathela, Lawrence Bale, Livhuwani Ligaraba, Mike Shingange, Gerald Twala, Pule Shayi, Betty Mathebula, Dipuo Thobejane, Mologadi Mashego, Machike Thobejane, Desmond Mahopo, Esther Mokwele, Mabuse Mpe, Charley Nkadimeng, and Bashin Magoma. DECLARATION OF THE SACP 8TH LIMPOPO PROVINCIAL CONGRESS We, the 268 delegates of SACP Limpopo 8th Provincial Congress met from 6-8 March 2022 at Tivumbeni Multipurpose Centre in Lawrence Phokanoka District under the theme “Put People before Profit: Socialism is the Future – Build it now!” We represent the hundreds of branches from the five districts and the YCLSA throughout Limpopo Province. SACP Limpopo held a successful Congress amid a Covid-19 pandemic which has devastated the world’s economies including tourism industries, sport and education throughout the world. We pay homage to the almost 100 000 of our fellow citizens who perished due to the Pandemic. We are hopeful that its ultimate end will usher in a new era of development, progress, prosperity and peace to our world and our country.  We have noted recent statistics released by Statistics South Africa which indicate massive unemployment figures. We are particularly disturbed by the statistics of youth unemployment which are shocking and calamitous. We call for aggressive and direct state intervention in all key sectors of the economy and for massive industrialisation and beneficiation of certain commodities as a way of growing the economy and boosting job creation. Congress directs the PEC to prioritise the convening of an economic summit which will help in developing meaningful working class and pro poor interventions in the economy of the province and country. The summit shall involve Alliance partners, communities and other relevant sectors of the society. WORK FOR ALL remains our battle cry. We met at a time when our movement has just suffered humiliating defeats at the November 2021 Local Government Elections. It was also for the first time that we registered an average percentage below 50% since 1994. Most of the causes for this situation are the subjective weaknesses inside the movement itself as well as general discontent occasioned by rampant corruption and ineptitude within the state machinery. Accordingly, we recommit ourselves to continue to fight the ‘new tendencies’ that have accumulated in the movement: ill-discipline, self-enrichment, factionalism, dishonesty, corruption, patronage, and arrogance. Congress took firm cognisance of this regrettable but overarching context in agitating for a non-negotiable and principled involvement in the Renewal of the ANC as a “leader” of the Alliance and the society. The SACP is guided by this conviction in striving and pushing for a purposeful and reconfigured Alliance as a matter of extreme urgency. We rededicate ourselves to continue fighting gender based violence in particular, and corruption and crime in general as well as hunger amongst our people. …

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