Solidarity with Seafarers of P&O Ferries in UK


PAME expresses its solidarity with the seafarers of P&O Ferries and the RMT Union in their fight against the multinational shipping company P&O that fired 800 seafarers on Thursday 17 March.

The dismissal of the employees took place through a ZOOM call of the employer, which aims to replace the seafarers from contractors with lower salaries, even through the transfer of employees from other countries. According to the RMT union, there were cases where security forces were used and even handcuffed the workers to take them away from their posts.

Workers in all countries, with the support of governments, are taking advantage of developments to attack and undermine workers’ rights to decent wages, with rights and Collective Bargaining Agreements.

In the face of the attack of the employers, the workers, we have the power of organization and solidarity, we have the right to fight for our jobs.

PAME expresses its support to the mobilizations of the RMT Union and P&O seafarers in Liverpool, Dover and Hull on Friday. We are on your side and we support your fair fight for the cancelation of the dismissals


Source: PAME