Great Success – Collective Contract with wage raises of +20% for Construction Workers


The National Federation of Construction Workers of Greece, member of PAME, after great Struggles, strikes and actions, succeeded the signing with the Employers’ Association of Collective Contract after 13 years with better wages, with salary increases starting at 20% and more.

Specifically, they signed National Sectoral Collective Contract with raises in daily wages of

  • 18,3%-in the daily wage of the unskilled worker
  • 28,4%- in the daily wage of the skilled worker and assistant
  • 38,4% – in the daily wage of the technician

Also, in the above-mentioned raises are added the following benefits

  • 10% marriage allowance.
  • 5% for every three years of employment and up to 6 three years.
  • 10% education allowance.
  • 5% for work in underground, marine works and work at a height of more than 30 meters.
  • Additional 5 daily wages (total 30) in case of illness or accident, in addition to the 25 that are valid until today.

The National Federation of Construction Workers of Greece stated in its Press Release

The success of the signing of the Sectoral CC, after several years, is a result of the organized struggle, the nationwide strike mobilizations and the interventions of the Federation and the Construction Workers unions in the workplaces. It is a very large weapon in the hands of the Construction Workers, which will be used immediately and effectively, for new conquests and improvement of working conditions and insurance.

The success of the signing of the Sectoral CC does not mean that our struggle ends here. On the contrary, now the struggle needs to intensify, to intensify the struggle for the implementation of the CC in all workplaces. We have this goal in front of us and we will strive to achieve it.

The declaration of the obligation and the extension of the implementation of the sectoral CC throughout the sector, in addition to the employers’ organizations that sign it representing the majority of employers, must be done here and now, without any excuse from the government and the Ministry of Labor.

The Federation of Construction Workers, together with the Construction Workers Unions, will immediately initiate the process to declare the Contract mandatory for all employers, regardless of whether or not they belong to an employer organization.

We have big struggles ahead of us. With confidence in the power of the struggle, the organization, the Federation and our unions, we can achieve new victories and results. To protect our lives and open new roads for us and our families, thus contributing to the overall struggle we give as workers overcoming obstacles and difficulties.

Hope lies in the struggle for the satisfaction of our needs

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Source: PAME