Israel Continues the murdering of Palestinians

PAME denounces the new killing of a Palestinian by Israeli forces. This time Israel killed an unarmed mother of 6 children in the West Bank.

The Israeli army itself confirmed that the woman was unarmed and that the soldiers opened fire on the 45-year-old woman, because she was walking at them in a “suspicious” way.

The daily drama of the Palestinian people reveals both the hypocrisy and the hypocritical “sensitivity” of the imperialists, as EU-NATO-US Governments continue to support the murderous state of Israel and the daily crime of occupation, settlements, assassinations committed against the Palestinian people.

The class movement responds to the barbarity of imperialism with the solidarity of the peoples with the just struggle of the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupation. With the strengthening of the struggle against the system that breeds exploitation, poverty and wars.

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Source: PAME