USB: Lower the guns, raise the wages! No to the Coltano base!

While 15% of Italian families are unable to pay their bills, with the Prime Ministerial Decree No. 69 of 23-03-2022 the Draghi government has decided to build a new military base in Pisa in the Coltano public park within the park of San Rossore, Migliarino, Massaciuccoli – in the area of the former Radar Center, to be realized through the money of the PNRR for the ecological transition!
The base will be used as the headquarters of the Special Intervention Group of the 1st Carabinieri Parachute Regiment Tuscania and of the Dogfighting Group.
It is not known how many funds will be allocated to the construction of a real citadel of war, on an area of 730,000 square meters, on which it is intended to build shooting ranges, training camps and 440,000 cubic meters of buildings dedicated to military activity: barracks, offices, warehouses, runways, but also gyms, parking lots and townhouses designed to accommodate more than a thousand people.
We can only reiterate our total opposition to this latest slap in the face to the real needs of workers who, in addition to facing a galloping inflation, will suffer the wage freeze that the Draghi government is preparing.

We are ready to mobilize against the construction of the new base together with all those who, like us, oppose the war and the warlike policies of the Draghi government!

The watchwords of the strike of April 22 and the national demonstration that sees workers and students united assume even more importance!

Against the government of war and high cost of living!

No to military bases!

Lower the guns, raise the wages!

USB Pisa

Source: WFTU