Bankers’ Hands off from Peoples’ Homes

The class unions of Thessaloniki are holding a series of actions in order to protect a family from being evicted from their home by Eurobank.

The 54-year-old, George N., received a loan of 120,000 euros to pay off smaller loans he had previously secured, in order to deal with the health problems of his 52-year-old wife (who has 75% disability). From 2006 to 2014, he paid 700 euros every month to the bank but then he could not pay due to financial difficulties. In 2018, the optical repair workshop he maintained closed and he became unemployed. The bank auctioned the house and now his family is in danger of being thrown out of the house.

Outside the family’s house in Sykies of Thessaloniki the Unions organized solidarity protest with hundreds of people coming to express their solidarity and guarding the people’s home, under the slogan

“Our shield is solidarity – our weapon is the struggle!

No one’s home in the hands of the bankers”

The protest was followed by demonstration at the offices of the Bank and also Press Conference in front of the house. The class unions organize solidarity and call for new mobilization on Friday, June 3 in order to stop the eviction and cancel the auction.



Source: PAME

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