Press Releases and Interventions for the Safety of maritime workers in the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea

For the workers in the tanker LANA

A telephone Communication took place between the president of PEMEN and the captain of the tanker “LANA” (19 crew members of Russian nationality), which is on the Karystos radar.

The ship has been detained in the Gulf of Karystos since April at the demand of the USA, implemented by the Greek government and authorities, its cargo (approximately 105,000 tons of crude oil) was confiscated, which is being transshipped to the tanker “ICE ENERGY “, Of the shipping company” Dynacom Tankers Management LTD “(of the shipowner Prokopios).

The captain informed us that the ship has not been given free transport, as a result of which the crew cannot be replaced, he also has a serious problem with the amount of fuel, which is not enough for the full operation of the ship’s machinery.

Specifically, the ship operates only the emergency generator which covers the minimum accommodation needs (lighting, ventilation, operation of refrigerators and kitchen).

It is characteristic that the unloading does not take place with the means of the ship itself, but with the means of the ship that receives it, without being able to inert the tanks (inerting), the necessary ballasting of the ship and any movement with the main engine in the event of adverse weather conditions, posing a serious risk to the safety of seafarers, the ship and the marine environment.

We demand the immediate intervention of the Greek government, the Ministry of Shipping, to address the problems faced by the ship’s workers and pose serious risks to the safety of human life.

For the occupation of 2 Greek tankers in Iran

Iran has occupied two Greek-flagged tankers, the “DELTA POSEIDON” of the shipping company DELTA TANKERS and the M / T “PRUDENT WARRIOR” of the shipping company POLEMBROS SHIPPING LIMITED, which will sail near coasts.

This incident, apparently, is connected with the incident we had a few days ago in Karystos, with the seizure of a large cargo of Iranian oil, which was transported by a Russian ship and which was seized, by order of the USA and due to the sanctions that have been imposed in Russia, Iran.

This is a consequence of Greece’s involvement in imperialist rivalries and the US-NATO-EU war with Russia on the Ukrainian front, over control of geostrategically important areas, wealth and energy pipelines.

The government has the sole responsibility for this situation which has developed and puts the lives of seafarers in immediate danger.

Our remarks are confirmed once again that the war situation in Ukraine triggers dangerous developments for all peoples, as well as for seafarers who, due to the uniqueness of the profession, have paid dearly, even with their lives, for travel to war zones.

We demand the immediate intervention of the government of ND, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Shipping, for the release of the seafarers of the two tankers and their safe repatriation.

Take immediate action to protect the safety and life of crews in the Persian Gulf region.

PEMEN Maritime Union of Greece

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