PAME Solidarity with the Liverpool Dockers’ Strike

PAME that represents the class unions of Greece expresses its solidarity with the Liverpool dockers who on Monday, 19 September started a 2-week strike demanding wage increases.

For years workers have been faced with policies that attack their wages and rights. Policies that support the profits of business groups and drive workers into poverty and misery. Particularly in recent months with the explosion of inflation and rise of prices while business groups multiply their profits, workers are driven into the cold and back to the Dark Ages.

But the dockers, airport workers, logistics workers, railway workers, as well as health workers, commerce workers and others have shown, especially during the pandemic period, that without the workers nothing moves! Also, the big strike struggles that have developed and are developing in many countries prove the power of the collective, organized struggle and solidarity of the working class. Such struggles that developed in Greece such as those of the dockers of Piraeus (COSCO), the construction workers etc. achieved significant wage increases. Every victory of workers in this struggle for the life and rights of workers is a victory for the whole working class and a weapon for the continuation.

PAME supports the strike of the Liverpool dockers and their just struggle

“You’ll never walk alone!”

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