Important Success of the class Unions against the Banks

While the Greek Government and the Banks are planning a massive attack with seizures and auctionings of more than 40.000 houses all over Greece, the class unions call the people to protect their homes with organization and solidarity.

In continuation to blocking the eviction of an elderly pensioner on Monday, on Tuesday, November 21 PAME held a protest at the fund DOVALUE, subsidiary of a Bank that owns the loans and debts of thousands of people.

PAME protested and demanded the fund to STOP the procedures to auction the homes of 3 persons. After the massive protest the company stated that debt arrangements will be made to which the parties concerned will be able to respond and will withhold the procedure for the auction and proceed to arrangement.

One of the persons who had a loan from the bank and participated in the mobilisation, gave his own characteristic testimony about the behaviour of the companies that manage the “red” loans.

“For three instalments late, which I had given notice about, I received an out-of-court letter and they demanded full repayment of the loan, which is impossible by nature. Then they went into a process of asking me for instalments up front, asking me for money which I don’t have,” he said, denouncing the unbearable pressure, extortion and threats faced by thousands of borrowers.

In fact, being disabled, he explained that he was saving euro by euro the amount needed “to pay off the prosthetic limb I need to walk” and at the same time he saw the company putting the knife to his throat for the loan.

“I had no response,” he complains. “Thank God, with the intervention here of PAME and with the help of all the friends, suddenly a solution was found,” he notes and adds: “What saddens me is that there are people in a much worse situation than me.”




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Source: PAME