Big Union Meetings in Preparation of December 17 Demonstrations

Hundreds of Union leaders met on Monday, December 12 in Athens and Thessaloniki to discuss the preparation of the demonstrations of December 17.

Main theme of the discussion was

“We are sending back the heavy bill of inflation, of cuts on services and benefits, of the attack on the income and the needs of the people! On Saturday 17 December we are demonstrating rejecting the anti-people’s state budget. We strengthen the demand, with new struggles in every sector, workplace and neighborhood, we prepare for a new strike in January”.

Representatives of hundreds of unions discussed on the experience and conclusions from the militant initiatives they are organizing, with the demand for Collective Agreements, on the strike mobilizations that have been announced in the coming days on the fronts of Healthcare and Education, the common actions of the unions with organizations of the self-employed, women, youth.

To continue the struggle for the protection of people’s homes, they called for a mobilization on Monday 19 December in the courts, against the prosecution of the general secretary of the Federation of Construction Workers and member of PAME Secretariat, Valsamos Syrigos, for his participation in a mobilization against auctioning off of a pensioner’s home. At the meetings also participated representatives of students from universities, who declared the participation of the youth to the demonstrations.



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Source: PAME