Healthcare Workers National Strike

In Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities, health workers demonstrated yesterday, December 14 against the privatized “new NHS” promoted by the Government.

Continuing their struggle against the “new NHS”, public hospital workers went on 24-hour strike for the escalation of the struggle to prevent the privatization of healthcare, which will lead to increased costs for the people, but also to put an end to the healthcare workers “hostage situation” and insecurity because of the temporary, fixed time contracts etc.

The health workers are demanding mass recruitment of permanent staff, an increase in state funding to public hospitals, pay rises, inclusion of their professions in the Hazardous category, restoration of the 13th and 14th salaries.

In Athens, unions of workers in a number of hospitals, as well as the All-Athens Committee of Contract Workers in Health held a protest at the Ministry of Health and a march that ended at the Ministry of Finance.



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Source: PAME