No to a Fascist Coup! TRUMP/PENCE OUT NOW!

On Wednesday, January 6th, we saw President Trump call forth and unleash fascist mobs to storm the U.S. Capitol.

This was an attempt at a coup. It did not succeed this time, but the danger from even a failed coup is to be taken seriously, setting the stage for them to come back sooner or later to re-seize power – with or without Trump. It leaves a bloc of elected officials who view and act as if the Biden administration is illegitimate and an armed street-fighting force “on call” to dominate the public square. They will continue to fight for their white supremacist, xenophobic, and patriarchal program. And, they will continue to undermine the very concept of truth – leaving tens of millions to be susceptible to the calls of demagogues and the vilest conspiracy theories.

Trump is still in power. There are 13 days in which he and/or his followers present a real and present danger to humanity.

The question is: will the “decent people” make clear our determination and act to stop this fascist danger? A united, public show of revulsion against Trump and a repudiation of his regime’s fascist program – through non-violent, sustained protest and resistance – has been overdue for years.

Biden won. But the streets and the discourse has been dominated by Trump and his followers. To cede the public square has consequences. We saw this on January 6. That’s why on Thursday January 7 at 5pm in cities across the country, Refuse Fascism is calling for safe social distance non-violent protests. It is time for people to stand up and say No more! No to the fascist coup! Trump/Pence Out Now! They lost. They need to pack their things and go.

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