Universities Will Not Surrender

What happened in recent days reminded us that: Political power in Turkey, no matter how much they push, cannot cross the line. Students of the Boğaziçi University reminded AKP of that line again.

AKP, which occupied the parliament, unions, and even the opposition parties with its mentality, again hit a wall at the university. We would like to remind Boğaziçi University students and all our citizens that they will try to disband the wall as they could not pierce it.

This is why they claimed it was “not political” decision to appoint a party militant to the head of the university. After no one believed this nonsense, the activists were labeled as terrorists. But this label can no longer go beyond satisfying a few fascists.

Who can convince AKP? Families who they declared terrorists the day before, the miners that they dragged on the ground to avoid harm to the bosses, or tens of thousands that they couldn’t silence after the murdered women?

Whatever labels the AKP and its militants try to put on, in Turkey, this is the only legitimate and strong front. Our friends who were detained in a house raid at night, are the ones they want to intimidate. You must have already understood that neither the universities nor the country will surrender to your stick of fear.

Immediately release our detained friends! Neither Boğaziçi University will be a company, nor the AKP official will be the rector!

Source: Communist Youth of Turkey – Universities Will Not Surrender