PAME Greece

PAME denounces the violent Police attack against students who protested for their rights in Education which took place in Thessaloniki, on Monday February 22. This development reveals the hypocrisy and the real plans of the Government. At the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, a university that has been closed for a year, at a university where the scientists of tomorrow have not seen their faculties work for a year, Police forces attacked protesting students to ensure “smooth operation” of the University. Government and University Authorities treat the teachers, the doctors, the architects of tomorrow, as criminals! It turns out that for the Government crime is to defend Free Education. That is why it sends the police to keep the Universities closed and proceeds with violence and repression against students who want to study! It proceeds to open suppression of the collective processes of the students. With their law and intimidation, they…

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PAME denounces the violent Police attack against students