Communist Party USA

Dozens of historians and academics, including Angela Davis, Gerald Horne, and Michael Honey, have signed a statement to CNN challenging an article published on the news corporation’s website on Feb. 3 that equated the Communist Party USA with the coup plotters who perpetrated the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol. The article placed the Trump coup in the context of previous supposed attempts to overthrow the government. According to its critics though, the CNN article, titled “With coup label, Capitol rioters join the communist party in plotting against the USA, university project says,” confuses more than it clarifies. “Not only is CNN’s characterization dangerous, it’s outrageous,” Gerald Horne, the author of over 40 books on Communist, African-American, labor, and U.S. history said. “CNN’s characterization is dangerous because it flips facts on their head. Far from plotting a coup attempt, Communists in 1948 were in fact the victims of a…

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