PAME Greece

The Secretariat for Migrants and Refugees of PAME on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, calls all workers, Greek, migrants, refugees to fight united, regardless of race, nationality, language and religion to not pay for the pandemic and the crisis, to not allow the repressive attitude and new anti-workers attack. To strengthen the common struggle against racism and xenophobia. We send a warm greeting to the Greek immigrants who continue the struggle abroad on the side of the struggling peoples. PAME expresses its solidarity to the victims of racist attacks and discrimination. PAME calls for a joint struggle of Greek workers with refugees and migrant workers to claim our health and rights, against repression and racism. The International Day against Racism and Racial Discrimination was established 61 years ago when the Police of the Apartheid regime in South Africa, open fire and murdered school…

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PAME Statement For The International Day For The Elimination Of Racial Discrimination