World Federation of Trade Unions

Dear comrades and friends On the occasion of the 8th of March the International Day of Women, we would like to congratulate all women around the world for their active participation and share at all life levels. With their presence, life has its real meaning. During the COVID-19, the world in general and the Arab world in particular have suffered from great health, economic and social sequences. However, working women in particular have suffered more because they have to double their efforts in order to compensate for the existing unemployment high rates of their husbands or male care-takers. Women have proved especially in the health sector that they are the real protectors of the world for their unprecedented courage to stay at hospital and next to people suffering from COVID-19. We in WFTU strongly believe that women are half of the society and they take care of the other half.…

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Statement of WFTU Middle East Regional Office on Women International Day