PAME Greece

PAME (All Workers Militant Front, Greece) in the context of the exchange of experience and initiatives of the European trade unions, invites you to take part in the Pan-European Trade Union Teleconference on the topic We Strengthen the Struggle of the Working Class For Health-Life-Rights Against the Attack and Repression Of EU-Governments-Employers Workers in Europe for the last year are experiencing the consequences of the barbaric system that has been sacrificing the lives, health and rights of workers for the profits of multinationals for decades. Over the last year, across Europe, we have seen the escalation of the anti-workers’ attack by business groups, the EU and all governments, the intensification of repression against the labor movement, the abolition of democratic and trade union freedoms. The new capitalist crisis, hastened by the outbreak of the pandemic, is leading the business groups, the European Union and the Governments of each country to…

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20 April 2021 Pan-European Trade Union Teleconference