South African Communist Party

Benson Ngqentsu   Ngqentsu says he has no reason to believe that our law enforcement agencies and the intelligence service are not aware of this corrupt web. Picture: iStock/ MattGush   Citizens’ confidence in the capacity of our law enforcement agencies to root out crime and corruption has been eroded, and that’s not surprising, writes Benson Ngqentsu. Communists in the Western Cape have observed what appears to be a pervasive nexus between the criminal underworld, business, and political and corrupt elements from the criminal justice cluster. A particular section of this criminal network, mainly coordinated by druglords, lives in the leafy suburbs of Cape Town, controlling the entertainment industry. However, they have since expanded their reach. Their extortion activities have been extended to the working class areas of Cape Town, with shopkeepers, vendors, small property owners, salons, township enterprises and, to some extent, state departments becoming the new targets. A…

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A criminal, political network is taking over