Communist Party of Britain

A number of MPs have already responded to the Communist Party letter (below), some more positively than others. But what most of them say is that they would be more likely to take up this issue if the complaint comes from a constituent.  This is the cue for Communist Party members, allies and friends. Email your MP, MSP or MS and urge them to protest against the Electoral Commission’s anti-democratic discrimination against a party that has contested elections in Britain at every level for the past 100 years.  Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths wrote the following letters to all MPs, MSPs and MSs. ‘I am writing to inform you of a grossly unfair decision by the Electoral Commission which blatantly discriminates against and disadvantages the Communist Party of Britain in the forthcoming elections on May 6.  On the evening of Friday, March 19, our party’s Treasurer received an email…

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