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Since last week Greece has suffered a series of wildfires that till Sunday August 8 had burned more than 460,000 acres of land, forests, olive trees, crops and more than 1.000 houses. A disaster that continues as the fires still burn in Evia and other areas. This disaster is not caused solely “by extreme weather conditions and climate change” as the Greek Government stated. It was only a few weeks ago that the militant unions and residents of many areas protested against the great shortages in firefighting equipment, human resources and the lack of an integrated fire fighting plan. When the unions and local organizations demanded measures of protection against wildfires the Government stated that “The state mechanism is ready.” One example is that the budget for fire fighting this year was only 1.7€ million Euros when at the same time the Greek State paid 6.6€ billions for NATO and 30€ millions for Police in Universities. They did not create ICUs and hospital beds against the pandemic and they did not get Fire Trucks and firefighter planes to prevent forest fires. The priorities of the bourgeois state are determined by the big businesses and how they will share the “packages of Green Development”. Against this situation from the first moment PAME highlighted the need for solidarity with the victims of the disaster. At the same time PAME stated “We call on all workers, the people to show the utmost vigilance where they are, with a sense of responsibility to contribute so that there are the least possible losses in our forest wealth, in rural areas and homes.  To assist the few and understaffed fire fighting forces that give an unequal battle with the flames day and night. It is clear that the people have been left at the mercy of the fires by the government. The only plan the state has is “run for your lives”. We call the Regional Trade Union Centers all over the country to organize fire safety teams, to assist the forces guarding the forests. We will coordinate with the unions in the areas affected and will inform for the organization of collection of essential items for the victims. FORWARD TO SAVING THE REMAINING FORESTS WHICH ARE PEOPLE’S PROPERTY, RURAL AREAS AND PEOPLE’S HOMES”. PAME also made an intervention to the Greek Industrialists’ Union and demanded Close all factories and workplaces in areas with wildfires To ensure the protection of all workers and for that to take all the necessary measures The payment of the wages of the workers in the companies affected by the fires, with the responsibility of the employers and the state. No worker to be laid off or put on suspension from work At the same time PAME has formed the following list of demands The anger is great. The main thing is the protection of human life.  Under no circumstances should be lost from the focus of discussion and struggle the next day of the lives of the victims, the workers affected by the fires. We demand Without any delay to be taken all immediate measures, to make available all the means and to use all the possibilities in the battle to extinguish the fires Take measures to prevent new fires in forest areas by recruiting the necessary staff to monitor the forest areas equipped with all the necessary means for immediate intervention and response to fires Closure of all factories and workplaces in the fire areas until the safety of the workers’ lives is ensured from the fires and the existing dangers of rekindles of fires. Ensure the payment of…

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