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The main problem for the development of Cuba throughout history has been the hostility of the United States, which is not resigned to the existence of a socialist revolution in what they consider to be their backyard or area of influence. To overthrow the government of Cuba they have used the criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade, direct aggression and ideological subversion. Today the Cuban population is experiencing a particularly difficult situation due to the combination of the blockade, the pandemic, and unilateral coercive measures taken by the US government to erode the people’s support for the revolution. This is compounded by campaigns of lies, of manipulations that try to blame the Cuban government for the economic difficulties in times of pandemic, and they try to present Cuba as a collapsed country and in chaos to provoke a social outbreak and justify external intervention. In this sense, the country was the victim of a political communication operation organized and financed from the United States in the summer, which failed due to the support of the people for the revolution, and which sought to show a non-existent social outbreak in Cuba. Today peace and tranquility reign and institutions are functioning normally within the framework of sanitary restrictions due to the pandemic. However, the enemies of the revolution are once again trying to create problems by calling for a so-called peaceful march for next November 15th. The request for this march was denied on October 12, by government authorities from eight provinces, after considering the nature of the alleged demonstration illegal. The Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Cuba warned about the legal consequences of executing the march, making it clear that, if the decision of the local government authorities was not complied with, citizens would incur the crimes of disobedience, illegal demonstrations, instigation to commit a crime or other provided for and sanctioned in current criminal legislation. The procedure of the Prosecutor’s Office is based on Article 156 of the Constitution, which attributes to this body the mission, among others, of ensuring strict compliance with the Magna Carta, the laws and other legal provisions by citizens. In addition, Law 83 empowers the prosecutor to interview, warn, take statements and carry out any other type of diligence that may be necessary. It also foresees the purposes of preserving the rights and interests of state organs, institutions and agencies; in addition, to promote and contribute to the confrontation and prevention of crime, antisocial behaviors and the strengthening of the conscious observation of legal norms in citizens. Overwhelming arguments made public account for the annexationist nature of the alleged march, promoted by people financed from abroad, who, masked in the falsity of a proclaimed pacifism, seek to generate chaos and induce the destabilization of the country, as part of a strategy of « “regime change” based on the formulas of the well-known soft coup, tried in other nations. The “enthusiastic” accompaniment that the organizers have had is led by counterrevolutionary leaders of the so-called Council for the Democratic Transition of Cuba, a subversive platform, whose members have openly acknowledged receiving funding from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), with a long history against Cuba. In addition, the support that the mercenary skirmish has received from US legislators, political operators of the anti-Cuban mafia and the media, who encourage actions against the Revolution, has been public and notorious. Note how, among the most furious supporters of the provocation are Congressmen Marco Rubio, Mario Díaz-Balart and María Elvira Salazar; the terrorist Gutiérrez Boronat, the infamous Cuban American National Foundation, and frustrated invaders of Brigade 2506,…

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