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  On Sunday the unions of Athens held a massive motorcade from Athens to Piraeus in solidarity with COSCO dockworkers   The regional Trade Union Center of Piraeus hanged a banner at the Tower of Piraeus in the Port   Statement of ENEDEP Union With the historic strike in the port, we did not allow the employer’s crime and the tragic death of our colleague Dimitris Daglis to be covered up and we will not stop until justice is done. Seven days in the port of Piraeus we showed our strength in our struggle to ensure that there is no more dead and we continue for this purpose. With our strike struggle we have managed so far: The commitment of the company and the Ministry to establish a Health and Safety Committee with the participation of members of the ENEDEP Union. The recognition of our Union which is a weapon in the hands of the workers in the port. We forced the company and the government to even recognize the problem for the job posts, we continue until our request for 6 men posts is realized. It became known to everyone what is really happening in the supposed “paradise” of COSCO with the intensification and the shifts, the 12 hours, the lack of security measures, with the hostage-situation of the contract workers. This struggle tore up the anti-workers’ laws, filled us with new experience in how to fight. The strengthening of the ENEDEP union, in the fire of the battle and the confrontation for the rights of all the workers, is a great achievement for all the workers. We managed all these days to become a fist. The fight for collective contracts that guarantees the rights of all workers continues on better terms, with preparation for the new 48-hour strike. The experience we gained during the strike is huge, we know that in order to get what we deserve we need hard struggles, which are judged at the gates and piers of the port, with organized, massive, multiform fight, with plan and continuity. We rely on the solidarity expressed all these days, by hundreds of trade unions and organizations, by the applause and the raised fists with which the people faced us on the streets, on the motorcades, in the demonstrations. As the iron door outside COSCO did not stop us, as the courts and intimidations did not stop us, even more with the union we are fighting in the coming days, and together with the other unions we form a large strike front and prepare new 2day strike on Nov. 5-6.   The post COSCO Dockworkers “We showed our Strength–We continue with new strike November 5-6” appeared first on Πανεργατικό Αγωνιστικό Μέτωπο (Π.Α.ΜΕ.).

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COSCO Dockworkers “We showed our Strength–We continue with new strike November 5-6”