PAME Greece

Dear colleagues, couriers, riders and other profession in the UK who are on strike against outsourcing, pay cuts and the miserable working conditions of startups etc On behalf of PAME (All Workers Militant Front) that represents the class unions of Greece we express our solidarity and support to your struggle and the strikes in McDonalds, Stuart Delivery and other companies who exploit workers and the anti-labor legislation through which they gain huge profits. The new generation of workers should and must live in better conditions than that of our parents. Science and technology have advanced, the wealth produced has increased, so it is unacceptable for the profits of the few, the many to go back to a new workers’ Dark Ages. In Greece, our unions managed with hard, massive struggles important gains against similar companies. Recent is the example of delivery workers in EFOOD Delivery (subsidiary of the German multinational DELIVERY HERO) which was forced to stop outsourcing its riders and hired 2000 of the workers after big organized actions. Against the brutality of the employers, the workers we have the power of organization and solidarity. You are not alone in your struggles We stand by your side The post  To Delivery workers on strike in the UK appeared first on Πανεργατικό Αγωνιστικό Μέτωπο (Π.Α.ΜΕ.).

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 To Delivery workers on strike in the UK