The intervention of the WFTU general secretary, Pambis Kyritsis in the PAME congress

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the 105 million members organized in WFTU’s hundreds of TUIs in 133 countries from all over the world, allow me to convey our warmest, militant greetings.

Your congress is taking place at a time when the economic crises of capitalism are consecutive. The pandemic has not only dramatically deepened economic and social inequalities, but it has also been used as an excuse for new attacks on the workers’ democratic rights and trade union freedoms.

At the same time, imperialist wars and interventions relentlessly go on.

The leaders of USA, EU and NATO, shamelessly invoke International Law and the defense of freedom, when they speak of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Those who are responsible for countless invasions and interventions, seem to be unaware that they are primarily responsible for the militarization of international relations, as they insist on maintaining and expanding NATO within the context of a New World Order. They pretend not to understand that in Ukraine, as was the case elsewhere as well, fascists and warmongers were encouraged and revived, in order to serve their own geopolitical goals.

But we know that world peace cannot be protected through militarization or through the patronage of all kinds of extreme right-wing nationalist and fascist ideologies. World peace cannot be based on sanctions and economic wars. Those who, as a matter of principle, stand for peace and freedom, fight for the dissolution of NATO and all military coalitions, the abolition of

nuclear weapons and for respecting the independence and sovereignty of all countries, rather than only those which align with, and serve the interests of, the United States and their allies.

With the slogan “For the satisfaction of our contemporary needs. Against imperialist-capitalist barbarity”, WFTU’s 18th Congress was held on May 6-8 in Rome. This historic Congress reaffirmed the anti-imperialist and anti-fascist character of WFTU and its commitment to the struggle for the liberation of the working class from the shackles of capitalism. The Congress has also set guidelines for the class-oriented trade union movement’s daily struggles, so that the modern needs of the workers can be met.

With its key priorities being:

– Fighting against labor deregulation and defending collective bargaining agreements.

– Repelling the attack against democratic and trade union freedoms.

– Fighting against all forms of discrimination based on race, color, religion or gender.

– Struggling to protect workers’ incomes against high prices and inflation.

– Fighting for a dignified life for pensioners.

– Fighting for a welfare state and public services.

– Fighting for public health systems and free, quality healthcare for all those who need it.

– Resisting racism and xenophobia.

– Fighting for the unity of workers based on their class-oriented goals.

– Protecting the independence of the Trade Unions and keeping their class orientation away from bureaucracy and corruption, and from the danger of manipulation by the capital and the employers.

It is clear to us that it is only through organized, militant struggles, that the goals of the labor movement and social progress in general, can be achieved.

Dear colleagues,

There is no doubt in my mind that PAME, as a member of WFTU’s global family, strengthened through the decisions of the Congress, will continue its struggles with solidarity and internationalism, always in align with the fighting spirit of the 18th WFTU Congress. PAME will continue fighting for better days for the Greek workers and for a world free from imperialist wars and interventions, without discrimination and without exploitation of humans by humans.

I wish PAME’s Congress every success, and I assure you that we will be closely watching your activities, and offer any help you may need.

– Long live PAME!

– Long Live the Solidarity and Internationalism of the Working Class!

Source: WFTU