PAME Greece

As millions of people around the world and in the United States suffer for decades from the privatization of Health and Pharmaceuticals, ITUC, the USA’s puppet-trade union organization, is running to applaud Biden’s announcements about the alleged abolition of vaccine patents against COVID presenting the war of monopolies as a positive development for the peoples. Because the ITUC is a US-controlled mechanism, it makes such a statement, which conceals that also with the Biden government, the US are leaders in stockpiling millions of vaccines, far more than its population, under the Defense Production Act. They prohibit any export of vaccines or vaccine components and deprive other peoples of vaccination. At the same time as the United States is counting nearly 600,000 dead, the Biden administration has continued itsfunding with tens of billions of dollars in aid policies to the pharmaceutical industry, without giving a single dollar to strengthen the Public…

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ITUC’s Statement on vaccine wars proves its role as a puppet of the USA